Saturday, 27 May 2023

Open British team at Classic Bench Worlds

Five women made up the classic open bench team out in South Africa this week.

Sheina Kaye, stalwart of many international bench competitions now, put in a solid 3 for 3 performance in the 57kg class, finishing up with 85kg and 8th place.

Suki Moss in the 63s matched her competition best with 80kg at her first international, getting all her lifts in and placing 6th.

In the 69kg class, Charl MacPherson's podium place looked to be in jeopardy when she missed her second but she came back strong, nailing 95kg for her 3rd lift and securing the bronze medal.

Lucy Robinson in the 84kg class and Victoria Cavalier-Hirth in the 84+kg class both got all three lifts in.  Lucy finished on 97.5kg and Victoria on 120kg - both in 5th place in their respective classes.

Everyone contributed to the women's open team taking 3rd place in the team awards.

Andrew Ward led out the men's team in his third consecutive world bench appearance.   167.5kg was just shy of his current PB but was still enough to win him the bronze - his first international medal.

In the 83kg class, Jaideep Wasu hit a PB lift of 165kg for 11th place.  Ashley Watson had a great day in the 105s.  He got a 5kg PB with 197.5kg for 7th place.

Ben Gibson is adding kilos to his bench at a rate of knots.  He added another 7.5kg here with a 220kg press in the superheavyweight class which got him 5th place.  Ross Shahin-Ajerlo hit 205kg in the same class for 7th place.

It's worth noting here that there was only one failed lift in the whole team and there were PBs aplenty.  Great work from the men's team.

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